Modern Storytelling

I believe the term “storytelling” does get thrown around more often than ever because of a wide range of things but I don’t think this is wrong. As we grow as a society so has our story telling. The mediums to get a story across has grown exponentially. Originally stories were told from word of mouth. This eventually was changed with the creation of books. It was quite some time before books were upgraded from. But eventually with technology advancements, this allowed for the ability to record sound and voices. Along recording voices came the ability to capture visual moments in time. First it was just single moments or pictures in black and white but turned into full videos in color. In current times there are more ways than ever to tell stories which combines every format to tell a story using text, sounds, and visual aids. So when you hear the word story telling used more often it’s because there are so many more ways to tell a story. Which I believe still does not make the term “story telling” over used. But with these multiple ways new meanings of storytelling creates a broader use of the word. Content marketing will use this word when advertising or telling to get their point across to a particular demographic. Which some many think is not telling a story but by modern definition it is. I’m sure the controversy of this topic has gone back and forth for years but the undeniable truth is stories are shared much more frequently than ever before.