Slack for Incidents

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Jun 21, 2018 · Unlisted

Slack is arguably one of the best tools that companies are using lately. It has an incredible ecosystem of integrations, native applications for every platform, and flawless chat at its core. Slack was an obvious choice when building FireHydrant to integrate with as a first class citizen. In this post we’ll give some simple tips on how to utilize the FireHydrant bot to make sure you don’t drop a beat during the fray of an incident.

Creating an Incident

Creating an incident is a breeze with the FireHydrant Slack integration. When installing the Slack integration you’ll automatically get a “/firehydrant” slash command to control your organizations FireHydrant incidents.

To create an incident, you can send the message “/firehydrant new incident The Site is Down”. This will create an incident with the name “The Site is Down” and start to ask which property and components the incident affects. Once you’ve kicked off the incident, the channel you initiated the command from becomes your FireHydrant incident channel. All chat is recorded into the incident automatically for you to see later once the incident is resolved.

Start an incident directly from Slack with FireHydrant

Notifying other channels

After your incident is opened, you can easily let other channels in your Slack workspace know about the incident by using the “/firehydrant notify” command. Simple type the names of the channels you’d like to notify and each of them will get a notice saying you’re investigating an incident. For example “/firehydrant notify #support #general” would notify both channels of the current incident.

Notify Channels of an incident

Add Milestones

The FireHydrant Slack integration allows you to have full mission control over an incidents milestones and notes. Easily add milestones from the incident channel by using “/firehydrant add milestone We’ve restored the Database from a previous snapshot” as an example.

Add milestones easily to your incident

Discussing the incident? All Chat is logged

FireHydrant aims to be a low friction tools that helps you keep track of incident response. The Slack integration stays true to this by quietly recording all chat messages that occur during the incident in the incident response channel straight into your event log. This allows you to quickly look at all messages that were sent during an incident and get a recap quickly of an incidents response without having to scroll back to when it was happening.

All Slack chatter is captured

Close It!

Just as easily as you can open an incident, you can quickly close it from your incident response channel by running “/firehydrant close incident” and clicking “Confirm”. This will stop all chat, milestones, and notes from being added to the incident. Also all users on your FireHydrant that have the “Closed Incident” notification enabled will receive an email informing them of the event.

Close an incident from Slack

Use it!

If you have a FireHydrant organization, you can easily install the FireHydrant bot by heading to the and installing it. This will enable all of these awesome features that come with FireHydrant out of the box.