PyLadies: Art with Python and Facial Recognition

This painting from Doctor Who has the nifty ability to adjust the perspective according to the position of its viewers:

At our workshop on Apr 9, 2016, we tried to replicate this with Python!

Thanks to the material prepared by small-yellow-duck, we had a good head start and folks of all different python skill levels were able to dive in.

We learned that some 3D rendering libraries in Python are a bit slow to render (vapory), that some image recognition libraries (pythonOCC) are much easier to install with Anaconda , and also that according to pythonOCC, the three lights behind my head were definitely a face (no matter how hard I insisted that they were not).

Thanks to everyone who came out, I hope you had as much fun as I did! Thanks for making the atmosphere so welcoming and fun.

Thanks again to Urthecast for the beautiful location/view, coffee, and snacks. Thanks to Demonware for the burrito lunch.

See you next time!

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