It’s a conversation I’ve had often these past two weeks.
Mrs. Flinger

I do believe in luck. I don’t believe that all that is good in my life can be directly attributed to something I did. What is important is to put yourself in a position to receive the fortune that happens, but is outside your control.

An example is not going into debt and spending less than you earn. I have found that this has opened me to many opportunities for “luck” that wouldn’t happen if I was living paycheck to paycheck.

As for you (and me), the existence of Obamacare in America has given us a freedom (already enjoyed by most other first-world countries) to choose a somewhat less sure path than that of a full-time employee. It is lucky that, when we were ready to make a life/career change, an option for health coverage became available.

So, Mrs. Flinger, I wish you good luck in all you do!