So Robert, does that mean you think Trump has the best interests of the country in mind?

As I look over my life, I have to go back to Kennedy, Carter and Ford for the last time I felt a president was really trying to do what was really best for America. Mostly they do what they’re told by people we don’t even know. Although I dutifully voted for Obama his first term (I am a life long democrat), I truly believe he is absolutely un-American. He hates the country’s people and history. He thinks we should be ashamed. Remember “Lead from behind”?

I hoped, as the country’s first non political president, Trump would be smarter but I don’t think he understands how to operate in such a sewer of corruption and lobbyists. He’s stumbling and bumbling. Can’t get much done.

Yet if the same election were held tomorrow … the choice between a known criminal, defender of rapists, ugly-natured witch vs an unknown (or now, somewhat known) Trump, I wouldn’t hesitate.

If you think Trump is doing this without the best interest of the country at heart, I think you ought to reconsider. He is still trying to do better than Obama did and Hillary would have.

(Oh, as for narcissistic anuses, I certainly hope you see how vain and narcissistic Obama was. Most politicians are.)

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