Seriously…can you imagine if Hillary were snuggling up all cozy with Moscow?
Beth Mann

She certainly was pretty cozy with Putin until Trump won. I’d lke to see all her speeches where she warned us Russian collusion. None. She was a few billion dollars into Russia when she was selling uranium and getting huge donations from Russia to their b.s. charity. Podesta the Molesta made some dough too and his consulting firm is a registered lobbyist for a Russian leaning Ukranian deal. And then WJC got $5,000,000 for a 20 minute speech to Russian bankers. What could he say that would be worth $5 million dollars in 20 minutes? AND, Mr Putin (aka Boris Badanoff) personally thanked Mr. Clinton. Are you ready to rely on this collusion narrative to go to war? You keep calling Putin names and blaming him for everything, we’re going to be in deep poop. Finally I ask you to provide any speech from democrats where collusion was even mentioned. It’s an after the fact invention that even if true, is another nothingberger. No laws broken. Tough do-do.