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i was in the elect industry for 30 years transmittiom and distrabution.. your idea of renewable energy -wind -solar is pure keep the heat -air conditioning and lights on you need multiple turbines for the existing load conditions.real hot and cold spells .wind and solar you get only what is avaible out put from them at the time.not even close to enough for lowest usage days.they are not variable. next is your line about cheap gas. take a good look at the rise and fall of gas prices.we are at a unrealistic low..last is the cost of wind- solar and gas if oil goes to over 100 a barrel again.please pull your heads out of your disneyland dreams and figure out how to get cheapest reliable power.the key words are affordable and reliable. if wind and solar would have worked the utilites would have jumped on them to get rid of coal -nuke and oil decades ago.same for gas and oil can not count on them