I am Tableted out…

To tell you the truth I am Tableted out… I have way too many tablets as it is and I will not go looking at anything new for a long spell… maybe in the next two years I might start looking to buy another, but right now the ones I own have and do everything I need:

I have 4 Apples (the oldest I gave away), HP Stream 8 (that I like because it came with 200MB a month of T-Mobile for life), a Dell 8” that had problems from the get go, Lenovos, ASUS 8″ K011 (I like that one too), a Toshiba, Nexus 4 (mostly a phone but I use it like a tablet), Samsung Tab 2 and a whole bunch of others.

Seems like tablets grew too fast and I tried to keep up with the new this and thats. Tablets have hit a barrier where there just isn’t that much new to add.

I found I really don’t like the 7″ ones but I like the 6″ and 8″ ones. But saying that I bought a Amazon Fire HD 7 just because it has the dang speakers separated so you can actually get stereo sound out of the darn thing, why other manufacturers haven’t done this is beyond me. Also while I’m ranting, why do they make tablets so they’ll slip right out of your hands and onto the floor. The Amazon HD 7″ and 6″ ain’t made that way, in fact they’re pretty well built. Except for having a lousy user interface and no SD slot they’d be my choice.

I’d like to take all that’s good about each of my many tablets and throw them into a pot and with my magic wand create the one just right for me.

So unless something new comes out between now and 2 years it better have an artificial intelligent that can hold a critical conversation with me (and I ain’t talking Siri, Cortana, Google or Alexa), cause otherwise I ain’t interested!

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