How To Start A Daily Running Habit
Darius Foroux

In good weather I go out for a morning jog of one mile, an evening jog of one mile and a night jog of a quarter mile up the hill down next to my home. I used to do just the morning mile jog and I have added the evening and night jog over the past two years little by little. I am not a very fast jogger, but I am a happy jogger. I try to jog everyday, but I don’t beat myself up if I miss a day here or there. To me it’s all about the enjoyment of feeling healthy; the emotional and meditational aspects I get out of jogging are of a great benefit to my overall being. I also do some yoga and lift weights. During the cool winter months I don’t do the night jog :) 
I’ve been perfecting my routine of exercising for over a decade or more trying different things, but always tried to jog a mile almost every day.

I like your Lesson number 1. Don’t think. Because it works for me!

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