Only Voter Suppression Can Stop Bernie Sanders
Tony Brasunas

I’m not going to try to argue against the whole gist of your diatribe — although I’ll still call it a sour-grapes diatribe. And, yes, I know that your opening paragraphs already discount what I’m going to say.

But I can give you first-hand information about New York. I’m a resident here. I KNOW how the NY “system” works. And, no, there is not the rampant “theft” that Bernie’s supporters would have us believe.

First — you argue that Bernie won 80% of the counties. Yes. That’s true. You know what? I live in one of those counties that Bernie won. We have roughly 75,000 citizens. The VILLAGE of Hempstead (Nassau Co., Long Island, which Hillary won) has 54,000 citizens all by itself. Its TOWNSHIP has 750,000 citizens. Yes. TEN times the number of people as my entire county. (My township has about 15,000.) (You chose to ignore the upstate counties with the big cities, which Hillary also won. The results suggest merely that the rural voters disagree with the urbanites.)

You’re ignoring the fact that, of the 20 million people who live in NY State, 8 million of them live within the 5 counties of NY City. Another 3 million in Nassau/Suffolk (LI, also Hillary’s wins). And another million in Westchester/Rockland (just N of NYC). To me, that adds up to 12 million — or 60% of the state’s population. And I haven’t added in Buffalo, Rochester, and Syracuse. So you can complain all you want about counting the counties in NY State — why not try counting the people who live there?

You complain about the “egregious case” where voters were removed from the rolls. Kings County (aka Brooklyn), 126,000. Population 2.6 million. The rules specifically state that, if you haven’t voted in your registered election district within the last four years, you’re dropped from party enrollment. Either you don’t care about politics, or you’ve moved, or died. Etc. Those who really WANTED to be Democrats should have been voting over the last years, especially in the 2012 Presidential election. They had all kinds of time to renew their registration — even if they hadn’t voted. These are the rules. Now you’re not even complaining about the rules — you’re complaining that the people who didn’t play by the rules “lost” by the rules. Bleeahh on you for that one.

You can complain all you want about the voting machines. NY votes are cast on a paper ballot. You ink in the dot next to your candidate. YOU, yourself, feed the ballot into the machine — which tallies your votes and drops the ballot in the “processed” pile INSIDE THE MACHINE. Voting monitors do not have access to the inside of the machines.

Should there be a complaint about the result of a given machine (e.g., “changed votes” or “ignored votes” — it’s trivial. The inspectors come by, open the machine, count the paper ballots, compare it to the machine number — and the “problem” either exists — or it doesn’t. In the week since the voting I have yet to hear that there was any discrepancy anywhere.

So let’s be real. Why not operate on FACTS — not on wishful thinking? As I said — your blog, here, sounds simply like sour grapes.

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