BOBG PTE. LTD. Announces Collaboration with Highphen PTE. LTD. on Web3 Communication Protocol “DMTP”

3 min readApr 8, 2024


BOBG PTE. LTD. (Headquarters: Singapore, CEO: Kengo Masuyama, hereafter referred to as BOBG) is pleased to announce that it plans to issue the utility token “$DMTP” for the Web3 communication protocol “DMTP” being developed by Highphen PTE. LTD. (Headquarters: Singapore, Representative: Aru Sasaki, hereafter referred to as Highphen).

■ About This Collaboration

BOBG will issue the “$DMTP” token for this product. Highphen will be responsible for publishing the product.

■ About “DMTP”

DMTP is a protocol that enables sending and receiving messages based on wallet addresses.

In addition to allowing users to send and receive messages with each other, it also enables Web3 businesses to send notifications and messages to users.

Furthermore, by implementing features such as Push Rewards, where users can earn DMTP’s unique tokens based on their notification settings, the protocol aims to enhance the user experience (UX).

DMTP is working to spread the protocol not only in Japan but also globally, collaborating with over 500 projects including Web3 services such as the world’s largest oracle chain “Chainlink” ( and the world’s largest Web3 domain service “Unstoppable Domains” (

Light Paper:

■ About BOBG PTE. LTD.

BOBG is a company that consistently handles token issuance, operation, management, and listing on cryptocurrency exchanges.

Under the current tax and accounting systems, it is extremely difficult for Japanese companies, including listed companies, to launch and sustainably operate projects involving tokens.

However, to develop globally competitive projects, the utilization of tokens is essential.

BOBG leverages its track record and knowledge of issuing MCHC (governance token) and RAYS (utility token) in “My Crypto Heroes” to swiftly solve various issues related to token issuance for Japanese companies.

BOBG has implemented token issuance for multiple projects, including Japanese listed companies. BOBG was also invited to deliver a lecture at the Liberal Democratic Party’s Web3 Project Team, dedicating itself to the industry’s development based on its unique expertise.

■ About inquiries from companies interested in token issuance

We welcome inquiries from companies interested in token issuance.

Through collaboration, BOBG provides the following value:

  • Strategic support utilizing global-level token expertise
  • Secure and speedy establishment of management/operation system from tokens issuance
  • Onboarding until tokens are listed on cryptocurrency exchanges

We can also provide individual support for scheme design/construction and strategic planning for CEX listing. Please feel free to contact us.