How physics falls apart if the EMdrive works
Ethan Siegel

Ethan, the first thing I want to see in a paper on applied physics is an error analysis. NASA published this without one. Given that NASA despite its remarkable achievements lives on financial support They have a strong reason to play fast and loose with a report on an experiment whose results fell within error. Take the c constant example of those experiments that prove there is information that moves faster than c. Space did expand faster than c but c is a constant that depends on the electrical properties of space. When we say c is the same for all observers we are implying that this constant is applicable only in space. All experiments that claimed a result different from that have been in error and had sloppy with error analysis.

A point aside, it was not Einstein that discovered c but Faraday and Maxwell. They failed to recognize that because they failed to include the relative nature of speed, the component of the vector velocity.

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