What Everyone’s Talking About Since the Grateful Dead’s Final Farewell
Leora Katz

I love God, music and people. At 55 years old Friday in Chicago was one of the most significant day’s in my life. Starting out my day at LaSalle station about 11:00 am I was walking around amazed at the beautiful day and people I encountered. To experience the Grateful Dead from talking to Greezy Eddy who claims, “Jerry saved my life!” having followed the Dead for 56 shows, I learned as we shared. I rode a bike from the divvy and walked when the level of people reached critical mass. Stopping and talking to all walks of life I was enthralled by the peace and love. The rooftop parking lot at Waldron became a sea of love hours before the show. Then I was lifted up and swooped into a mass exodus of people inching shoulder to shoulder, in a haze, through the gates. All of the sudden here we were in the stadium and the palpably electric buzz began.

The music and presence of this band’s legacy is something I will always cherish. I now know with total love and respect people’s dedication to the kindness of the melodies the Dead have spun over the years.

A special thanks to my soninlaw Brian who got the ticket for me as a father’s day gift! The blessing is in being open to Gods love.

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