🐒 the story of two semesters of student hackery

Launch Pad is a student-run software engineering club where students form team to develop a project from ideation to (hopefully) completion over the course of several semesters. 🤖

When working on projects like this, it’s easy to forget how far you’ve come. Unlike a hackathon, where you spend 24 to…

We rebuilt our website from the ground up with a fresh coat of paint (in 8 days!)

We’re happy to announce that we’ve finally decided to get to work and churn out a brand new, from-the-ground-up refresh of our 4-year-old website to showcase our new branding and this semester’s projects!

🎉 The New Website

We’re launching our new website today on ubclaunchpad.com! The revamped website features:

  • 🚀 a completely refreshed design

No thanks I don’t want to fork your repository. 😶

I’m currently working with RTrade Technologies, Ltd. and a documentation website was recently set up for one of our APIs. I thought it looked great, and slick, and super nice.

I was told the documentation was generated using a project called Slate, and after taking a look I knew I…

Reducing Inertia’s continuous integration build time by over 75% using build stages, caching, and job concurrency

Travis CI is the continuous integration tool most of the teams at UBC Launch Pad — UBC’s student-run software engineering club — use to handle their projects’ CI needs. We currently have 14 Travis-enabled projects, 8 of which have been active in the last month.

At Launch Pad, I have…

From zero to… zero?

A little over a year ago, in the far-away days of 2017, I fell gracefully off my skateboard in an incident that ended with my face intimately embracing the warm tarmac near UBC’s bus loop. I broke two teeth and decorated my hands, knees, and face with an assortment of…

Network of UBC-related websites, as displayed by Sleuth, UBC Launch Pad’s domain-specific search engine 🔍

an introduction to sleuthing the web with Scrapy

A while back, I worked in a two-man team with Bruno Bachmann on Sleuth, a UBC Launch Pad project to build a domain-specific search engine. This project included building everything from the website and server to a scraper that would handle populating our database with websites to search. The goal…

How a team of students designed and created a flexible, Docker-based Heroku alternative

Here at UBC Launch Pad, many of our teams’ projects are web applications. A pretty awesome step in any web application’s development process is when you deploy it for everyone to try out.

Hurray for Bumper, an fun work-in-progress arcade game by a team at Launch Pad! 🎉

Unfortunately, deployment can be a frustrating task, especially for students with little to no experience setting up…

Robert Lin

📊 software engineer | more posts and goodies at bobheadxi.dev

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