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Here in Flint I am investigating the water, and the political situation as the residents continue to be mislead. One notable point: the water being distributed is what I call “empty water.” It is called “Purified” and of unknown source and totally devoid of calcium and potassium, needed for health bones and babies. Spring water of course is the obvious solution. Another trick on the poor and elderly who cannot leave. Please see my overall approach to environmental issues in Hendren for President (Facebook) and Thank you for your work, and I am interested in a possible collaboration here in Flint, where I am launching some development initiatives. Best wishes — the recent book “Poison” was just published, about Flint, and NOVA presented a documentary. My question: Why don’t you flood the pipes with beneficial calcium which will recoat the pipes in the delivery lines and in the houses with a protective coating. The problem created was due to the addition of acids by the water authority. A billion dollars and 6 years of work to tear out the delivery lines, and this will leave the homeowners without replacing their lines in their houses. There is a better way. There is a tipping point.