I Never Spoke to a Black Man Until I Went to Mizzou
Jeff Huffman

It never fails to amaze me how many “Suddenly-Insightful-White-People” there are who just can’t WAIT to proudly declare their inherent bigotry! It’s as if there is this new form of white liberal enlightenment that cause these self-flagellators to fall all over themselves in a maddened frenzy of confession. I suppose I’d be able to just laugh then off if their bleeding whip marks weren’t spraying everyone around them. In their Caucaracialphobia (fear-of-being-a-white-racist), these people (yes, I use “these people” advisedly) seem intent on including ALL white people in their ignorance. I’m sorry sir. Not all of us had to learn that black people have a unique POV and life experience to which white Americans in particular cannot hope to relate. Many of us grew up being able to see quite easily that being white and being black in America is quite a different experience and we weren’t and aren’t so crippled with guilt that we “wish to deny” our natural biases. We don’t all suffer to such a degree that we are paralyzed to the point of being incapable of adjusting our thoughts, intentions and actions. It’s called learning!!

PS: claiming empathy doesn’t make you a bigot. It makes you ignorant. Bigotry, tossed around so flippantly diminishes the meaning.


Bob Higgins

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