Everything Resolves In Our Heart

Our heart is the fulcrum point of our lives.

Our heart is the doorway to our spirit. It is the garden of our soul. From our heart flow the springs of life. God puts a new heart and a new spirit within us.

We were in Italy this past year, and there I was captured by a statue of Mother Mary with swords piercing her heart. I though, ‘How superstitious.’ But as I’ve pondered the meaning of it, I’ve come to realize it’s the wounding of life that breaks our hearts open to God. We are designed this way. Whatever breaks open our hard heart, it’s so that God can give us a new one. I also see the Catholic images of the Sacred Heart and the Heart burning with holy fire. They hold layers of meaning but one thing is clear,

Our heart determines where we dwell.

It’s the focus or our heart that determines what we see. It’s why Paul prays that God would open the eyes of our heart.

All the input, all the voices of our soul and spirit, and body resolve in our heart. Our heart determines where we dwell.

So What About Our Soul?

Most Spiritual teachers tend to lump our soul and our spirit together. The distinction, however, is critical to our nurturing the unfolding revelation of God in our lives. The distinction brings light on the how’s, why’s, and integration of our spiritual life. A good understanding of our spirit tends to break the linear gridlock of our soul.

Our soul deepens what our spirit experiences. It magnifies, nurtures, and puts flesh on it. Our soul is a wonderful servant and a terrible taskmaster. As such, it searches and works to implement what our spirit sees. As our spirit leads, we are drawn into living an abundant life, but where our soul leads we are driven into a life of scarcity. Our soul tends to choose between things, while our spirit synergies wholeness. So what we focus on, is the director of our soul and our heart as the fulcrum point determines our focus.

So whether it’s input or output,

Everything Resolves In Our Heart

Restoration is the growth process of learning to live out of our spirit and integrating this transformation body, soul, and spirit. Our body becomes more and more of the temple of God, we grow more and more with the mind of Christ, and the character of God, as we dwell in Jesus, we become his presence, his hands to heal, his eyes to see, his ears to hear, his tongue to speak, all the while integrating into the one body of Christ, in the oneness of the eternal love of God made manifest and drawing all people into the arms of God’s love and healing forgiveness, to love, belonging and home.

Our heart leads us home.