Like Dancing With Diamonds

The Trinity is like three living diamonds reflecting the fire of each other’s heart in the dance of living glory, and we are invited in.

We are created in the image and likeness of God being revived, renewed, and restored by God.

We are reborn, born from above through Christ in us. Only God can restore God within us and bring the ‘likeness’ to life.

Spiritual life is about the release, the transformation, and the integration of the eternal life of God within us.

Here’s the deal: Do we know who we are?

We are vessels of light and life, springs of everliving water.

Spiritual life is not about seeking union with God.

A spiritual life begins in union with God.

Spiritual life is working this union out in all directions. It is growing and integrating eternal life.

You see, in Jesus, we receive the eternal, abundant, wholeness, the everliving life of God. Like a glowing seed in the garden of our hearts, we grow Gods eternal life that changes everything, even our very DNA. We radiate the unconditional love of God.

Our spirituality is abiding: connected to the spiritual and allowing it to transform our temporal life into eternal life.

Our spirituality begins in God and not in ourselves.

We are receivers, we are springs that flow, we are vessels that shine, we are salt that seasons, we are the love and peace and joy of God in this world. We are broken vessels of light being healed and transformed from glory to glory.

It’s as we allow God to wake up our slumbering spirit and remove the scales from our eyes, to see the eternal within and without us. To allow the glory of God to shine through us. For it is in Christ we are God’s own sons and daughters, children of light and life. Everliving waters flow through our souls. Our bodies are temples of God. Our eyes are windows to the eternal. We carry the presence of God within us to the whole world. We are Christ’s hands and feet, heart and voice to help wake up others as we awaken to Jesus, to Our Father and to the Holy Spirit. We are conduits of the grace and mercy of God

God’s presence is all around us, but do we see it?

The kingdom, the atmosphere of God is within and without you. You carry the atmosphere of God. You bring heaven on earth. You carry and pulsate and bring alive the very electrical charge of eternity that resonates within all creation. You dance with heaven. In Christ, you begin the healing of heaven and earth. All creation groans and has been waiting for you to become who you really are.

Can you see the immensity of it?

We are born anew in Jesus, our Lord, our Master, our Teacher, and our Brother, who’s Bride we are and in Christ we embrace the whole universe and all time.

The life we bear begins to heal and connects us into the flow of eternal life, into the choreography of God as we dance with Our Father, and dance with Jesus our Lord, and dance with the Holy Spirit, in oneness and in wholeness, and in life.

This dance of love, and joy, and peace, and patience, and kindness, and goodness, and faithfulness, and gentleness, and self-control…spilling out into the world as a river of life and light.

The image you hold in these words, can cause you to dive into, and drink deep, and live, and burn with the fire of eternity in Jesus. Because God is love.