“It’s a bummer that the implementation looks completely different than what we designed”
Fabricio Teixeira

Great summary of how things can change from initial design to final deployment. I think that any someone responding to praise to a design they aren’t happy with is 1) not smart enough to acknowledge your compliment and 2) the kind of person who always blames someone else.

I agree that the designer should communicate with all members of the team and react to their concerns and advice. And they should follow the production process and help adapt to new situations as they develop.

I would add one caveat to your article; however, based on my years as documentary producer/director/writer for PBS and running my own interactive company in the Bay Area for 20 years. Sometimes the top level people on a project make decisions based on schedule or budget that don’t allow the designer to manage the process as well as we might like.

Even some of the best designers have to sacrifice at the altar of budget/schedule. I’m a huge Civ fan and when I see the lame “feedback” messages from the NPCs in Civ VI, I can see the budget axe at work.

As Steve Jobs recounted to me in my interview with him in 1990*, his stark command to the original Mac designers & engineers when they were behind on schedule in 1983 was simple …

Real Artists … Ship.

Thanks for the great article.

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