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It’s fascinating to see the flood of ignorance that follows an article that challenges one of America’s greatest taboos — criticism of Israel.

So much talk about Jews returning to the land of their forefathers of a 1000 years ago — and neglecting the rights of non-Jews returning to the lands of their grandparents of only 70 years ago.

I personally know Jews that converted to Judaism, and within years started talking about Israel as their ‘homeland’. So over a 1000 years, or some 50 generations, how much ‘Jewishness’ remains in the Polaks, Russians, Ukrainians, Lithuanians, and other economic and political refugees that flooded into Palestine — upon the invitation of Zionists to create facts on the ground to justify the existence of the UN fabrication called Israel.

Giving Eastern European refugees greater privilege to Palestine than Palestinians that lived upon the land for generations, and were ethnically cleansed only 70 years ago, is as disingenuous as the excuse for colonizing South Africa.

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