I want to quit. Right now.
Jon Westenberg 🌈

HI JOHN: You chose a very clever approach leading to a dynamic way of expressing the true spirit of your creativity, determination and motivation skills. Continued success to you and your worldly ambitions. At first I was expecting you to jump off a bridge or something. I have faced similar situations during the 50 some years across my career endeavors. I have developed a personal motivation technique I call “environmental management.” It’s based on the thought what is on the walls of our lives has a positive influence on the thoughts and things we do. While I was growing up in a two bedroom home and sharing a room with my younger brother, my dad posted these powerful words on our wall: “A quitter never wins and a winner never quits.” Over the years, my creative instincts have led me to add several African proverbs and other positive slogans across my environment, allowing subconscious encouragement urging me to maintain steady focus on my quest to design new ways to enhance the quality of life skills instruction. Here is my current favorite gem for encouraging pursuit of originality by myself and others: “Creativity is me and you too!” Please contact me if you like, in order for us to further discuss the quality of our mutual passion for awakening the creativity in others.