How To Get Rid Of Toenail Fungus Without Loosing Your Nail (It’s Possible)

Bob Jones
Bob Jones
Jul 7, 2018 · 3 min read

I am in the shower looking at other mine workers toenails and start to think why do we have nail fungal infection.

One of the most common symptoms of fungal toenails are unsightly discolored, thick and cracked nails, so I did a little research. When dermatophytes, yeasts or molds are entering through cracks and cuts on the skin around the nail or being exposed for a very long time to conditions that are moist, dark and sometimes warm can and will cause nail fungus.They go as deep as the nail bed to reproduce and multiply causing your nail to harden, crack and stain.

In this post I promise to reveal to you the best toenail fungus treatment that can help you get rid of fungal infection.

That is not all!

It’s 18H00 after work everybody is happy to finally go home and escape the daily grind but only for few hours because tomorrow morning we will be back again. We are all trying to scrub bacteria and viruses off our bodies because we do not want to take them to our lovely families, walking barefooted in the looker rooms increasing chances of being infected and affecting others.

Who Gets Infected?

When I grew up I used to think that nail fungus were only affecting older people because the younger generation didn’t have the fungus. In the mines it was different all generations had it and that made me to ask myself why it was so. I started to learn about it and I realized that no one was immune to it even infants. Nail fungal infection grows faster when the immune system is weak especially for people with diabetes.

What Is The Best Nail Fungus treatment?

Knowing what causes the fungus was not enough I went as far as trying different treatments to kill the fungus and it was not easy because it took time and money to finally win the battle against nail fungus. Do you have time and money on your side? After finally getting cured I shared the experience with my colleagues and they also used the solution I am about to share with you.

After seeing the results I decided to start a website in order to reach many people who are suffering from this micro organism and share with them what worked for us. I don’t know whether it will work for you or not but I know it worked for the whole shift of mine workers who wear a gumboots for 12 hours shift.

Out of all treatments that we where using zetaclear stands out from the pack because of it’s topical ingredients that have proven to get get rid of toenail fungus fast and naturally. It is an over the counter that you can get in your local store or on line without consulting to specialist for prescription. To know if it is the right choice for you, here is full Honest review of zetaclear, about it’s side effects, pricing and complaints in general: