Twitter for Android disappoints users yet again!

Another new update with more issues and complaints than improvements and praise.

On 20th June, Twitter rolled out an new version of their Android app on the Play Store, promoting new UI changes that help with app navigation and a brand new “floating bar” to “help you get around faster” … whatever that means.

This is what they promised us:

…& THIS is what we got!

If you’re a not-so-technical individual, here’s a little fun fact you need to know. Notice how most apps are released on iOS first before Android (painful fact, but what are we gonna do lol). Companies like this are more than capable of releasing apps simultaneously on the App Store and Play Store. The strategy used here, is to launch the app to “society leaders” first (people with expensive phones/iPhones. Sorry guys but this is the truth) to build anticipation among the rest of us. Android users get the short end of the stick because during this waiting period, no one is working on the Android version of the app any further. The end-result is a shitty app, like Twitter ☺

“I’ll just keep using the desktop version!”

This is not just another rant from an ungrateful user of a free app. Majority of the comments have been all but positive.

Twitter’s support ticket disclaimer states that they don’t respond to individual complaints but instead, listens to “improve and enhance the Twitter experience in the future.”

Translation: “We’re sorry you’re having a terrible experience. We didn’t have time to read and review your complaints to know exactly what went wrong with this version but I’m sure the latest update will fix it. Get an iPhone or wait a month for the new update.”

It would be nice to hear your experiences, good or bad. Comment below or email me:


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