People who find Jesus bring others to him

People who find Jesus bring others to him.

John was the last of the four to write his gospel. He filled in gaps in the other accounts.

Peter stood before the followers of Jesus in the upper room. They were waiting for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost. He said that Judas’s replacement needed to be among the followers of Jesus from the baptism of John to the resurrection. This new Apostle needed to be a witness of the entire ministry of Messiah. (Acts 1:15–26)

Jesus called the Twelve the way he calls many of us. He invited them to come and learn about him before he called them to be his followers. He later called them to be leaders in his community. John alone recorded that first meeting.

Jesus called Andrew and Andrew went and found his brother, Simon. Jesus claimed ownership of Simon when he changed his name to Peter. (John 1:35–42)

Jesus called Philip and Philip went and found Nathaniel. (John 1:43–51)

When people hear Jesus’ call they grasp that his message is not only for them. They tell family and friends and others they meet.

After meeting Jesus, the Samaritan woman went to her village and told others about the man that she thought might be the Messiah. (John 4:1–30)

When people connect with the Gospel they realize that others must hear this story. They tell others. They pray for others who have not heard it yet. They join with others to reach people beyond those they know.

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