Veterinarian Kristen Lindsey is a Sociopath
Carole Raphaelle Davis

Here’s my e-mail to the Texas Board:

To the Texas State Board of Veterinary Examiners:

Like many millions of others across the country and, indeed, the world, I am shocked and horrified by the inexcusable actions of Kristen Lindsey, an Austin County veterinarian who wantonly murdered the cat of an elderly couple with a bow and arrow, then held up the murdered cat to post her photo with its dead body on Facebook, proudly proclaiming, and I quote, “My first bow kill, lol. The only good feral tomcat is one with an arrow through it’s [sic.] head! Vet of the year award . . . Gladly accepted.” As people began to post negative comments on her post about her sick, sadistic act, with a remarkable hubris she replied, “no, I did not lose my job. Lol. Like someone would get rid of me. I’m awesome!” I note that the Washington Animal Clinic did indeed fire her, and removed all indications of her association with their practice. And her veterinary school, Colorado State University, has condemned her.

Ms. Lindsey’s actions and attitude (I refuse to refer to her as “Dr. Lindsey”) would be considered by any decent human being to be abnormal, demented, sadistic, and morally reprehensible, and what she did is also legally criminal. These actions are difficult to understand in any person, but for a state certified veterinarian to do such things is simply incomprehensible. There is no more noble a profession than to be a veterinarian, and I have been privileged to know many wonderful vets as well as to work in a university renowned for its veterinary school. Just knowing that someone is a veterinarian makes me immediately like them. What she did is the equivalent of a physician murdering a homeless person with a bow and arrow for fun, and then proudly posing with her victim’s corpse while joking about it. All cats, feral or owned, deserve better. And this cat was indeed owned, by an elderly couple who are heartbroken by the cold-blooded murder of their beloved Tiger. My own veterinarians here in Indiana take in cats who have been found, shot, or wounded by sadists, heal them, and find homes for them. Those are real veterinarians. Ms. Lindsey is not. She is a disgrace to her profession, which she has dishonored, and a disgrace to the human race. The world is watching this case to see that it is resolved in a proper fashion. She does not belong anywhere near animals and there can be no question that she should be barred for life from the profession, prosecuted under the Texas and federal statutes for her cruelty toward animals, fined, and sent to jail.

Part of the oath Ms. Lindsey took when she was admitted to her profession was, “I solemnly swear to use my scientific knowledge and skills for the benefit of society through the protection of animal health and welfare, the prevention and relief of animal suffering, the conservation of animal resources, the promotion of public health, and the advancement of medical knowledge.” She has made an utter mockery of that solemn oath and no longer deserves the privilege and honor of being a member of so noble a profession. I humbly request that you permanently revoke her license to practice veterinary medicine in your great state.

Professor Robert Paul Lamb, Ph.D.
Purdue University
2008 Indiana Professor of the Year

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