Millennials Want to Change the World. Why Don’t We Let Them?
Margo Aaron

Very nice article. I see this behavior every day towards millennials. Millennials aren’t the first (and I doubt will be the last) generation to experience these types of behaviors from prior generations. I watched my parents put down hippies as lazy and thought they “ought to get a real job”. I watched hippies turn into baby boomers who turned their ire toward the Gen-X/MTv generation. All generations were deemed to have lapses in character similar to what you raise. Too aggressive, too lazy, they dress funny, they go against the status quo, etc. In short — They’re “different”.

I have the privilege to work with many talented people. Young or old they’re all good at what they do and they are pursuing a passion. I appreciate those people who are older who provide context for why things are the way they are (lest we repeat mistakes of the past). I also appreciate younger people with a fresh perspective and their creativity in solving problems. This is a powerful dynamic that I’ve seen played out time and again in my career.

My advice to the millennials I mentor is always the same: Don’t give up. Don’t be afraid of being branded a rebel. The company needs to change and adapt (look at the precipitous decline in the number of buggy whip manufacturers!). Learn the business. Finally, find an enlightened mentor. They can be a big help.

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