The Economics of Environmentalism
Natalie Schmidt

Thanks for a thoughtful piece. I agree with the premise that we can hold companies to a higher standard by our shopping habits. And I think we can do this at almost any income level, maybe not if in abject poverty but even low income folks have buying power. Where you shop matters, if you flock to walmart then your towns will be shuttered, you and your neighbors will only have low wage jobs. I hear all the time it’s the only place affordable…we live on 24k net income and I have only been in Walmart once and saw the same prices for food that the local grocery store charged. I do not buy unnecessary things to clutter our home or stuff my closets. I shop for quality and longevity, where and how something is made matters. We do not want people dying in factory fires so we can have cheap clothing. We don’t want the Earth made uninhabitable for the next generations. Once you start putting your values into your shopping the rest is easy, really easy …

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