Moving Forward: This is why I am fighting to the very end for Bernie Sanders. Here is why you should too.

First: The biggest point: Have faith. It’s all about spreading Bernie’s Message. It’s not about me, it’s not about you, and it’s not about Bernie Sanders. It’s about us and the America we can dream of. Building a future we can all believe in.

Second: The Republican Convention is a circus and almost literal shit show. People are now endorsing Paul Ryan to run for president. It will come to a brokered convention and Trump will run as a third party Libertarian or Independent. Drastically splitting their vote. Even if it doesn’t broker the party is hurting and a lot of folks will not vote for Trump.


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Third: Hillary is most likely getting indicted. The republicans will work their hardest to do it. They impeached Bill Clinton. You don’t think they can do this to Hillary???? The sooner it happens the better chances we have of getting the nomination. But we don’t need it too. If she gets indicted after the nomination that could still be good for us too. In the end I want to see a true liberal in the office.

Additionally: Hillary actually lost ground according to 538 on March 15th. From 113% to 108% of her target. That being said Bernie dropped to 83%.

Disclaimer: There are a lot of things I really like about Hillary. This is not meant to bash Hillary at all. I just see the best chances for the Democratic Party being in Bernie not Hillary.


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Here are the contingencies I can picture happening:

If Hillary is indicted in April, May, June, or early July. We get the nomination. If she is not. She get’s the nomination. If the indictment happens in August -> October. I have no idea what will happen.

Hillary Not Indicted

  • (High) Trump wins nomination. Hillary wins.
  • (High) Trump split from Party. Somebody else wins the GOP. Hillary wins.
  • (Low) Trump split. Somebody else GOP. Bernie split. 4 way race for Pres.
  • (Low) We somehow pull off greater than 58% in the rest of the states. Bernie wins.
  • (Low) We have an uprising at the convention and Bernie wins. Bernie wins.

Hillary Indicted

  • (Medium) Trump wins nomination. Bernie wins.
  • (Medium) Trump split from Party. Somebody else wins GOP. Bernie wins.
  • (Low) We somehow pull off greater than 58% in the rest of the states. Bernie wins.
  • (Low) Sharpton mentioned that Biden may enter the race if Hillary was indicted. No idea what will happen then…

Either way. This will be a truly incredible election for America. I’m in for Bernie until the very end. I hope you are too.