How to Get a 1 Free Bitcoin from Points2Shop

How to Get a 1 Free Bitcoin from Points2Shop

There are many websites that promise rewards for doing online tasks and looking at ads. Points2Shop is the largest and most reputable rewards site available, however, some of the tasks are more tedious than others. I’ve complied a short list of easy points below, enough to earn a free Bitcoin or solar-powered car!

Just follow these 5 steps:

  1. Sign up to P2S, to automatically receive 250 signup bonus points.


2. Go to Earn Points, Trialpay, and scroll down for the TurboTax option. Luckily it’s tax season and you need to do your taxes anyway. You might as well get some free goodies out of it. If you’re quick, it’ll only take 15 min, and you’ll be done for the year!

3. You should immediately receive 300 points

4. Go to Earn Points, Peanutlabs, and scroll down for the “Win free winter samples.” for an easy 100 points.

5. (Optional) If you want to earn 5 easy points daily, just go to Earn Points, Daily, Soop, and simply click through the pages of ads (Hint: click “Skip” on each one to make it to the end)

250 Signup bonus
300 TP: TurboTax Reward
100 PL: Win free winter samples
5 Soop Daily
Total = 655 points

Now What?

Now it’s time to redeem your points. Simply click the Spend Points tab and search for items listed on Amazon. Note: some items require extra points for shipping, but I’ve included some example prizes below that have NO SHIPPING CHARGES. Of course, you could always just order the 60-point bag of Pop Rocks (with 98 pts shipping).

Example Prize #1: Solar Car — World’s Smallest Solar Powered Car (336 points total)

World’s Smallest Solar Powered Car

Example Prize #2: Dancing Solar Flower (324 points total)

Example Prize #3: BTC Bitcoin 24k Gold Plated Round Collectible Coin 1oz (650 points total)

Additional Prizes:

Saltwater-powered car (301 points)
200+ cactus seeds mix (449 points)
Red laser pointer (325 points)
Japanese burger, fries, and soda kit (446 points)
H2O SIM Card for H2O Wireless (1 point)

That’s it! If you see any other easy P2S points, leave me some comments below. Thanks for looking!

Signup link below:

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