Flowchart of Responsive Design & Its Growing Mobile Influence…

Mobile browsing stats revealed that an individual on an average browse his / her mobile phone 150 times a day. This stats shows that mobile is the window to future web world and online business. Perhaps, I have often stressed that mobile actually opened up a new market segment where business can grow at rapid pace. The below attach info-graphic holds the rising market and its solution.

We understand from this point that mobile is the fastest growing market and responsive web design is the first step to enter into this market of huge potential. Technosiss Web Solution provider recently conducted a survey to find out the mobile users mood.

What the survey revealed?

  1. Mobile users are impatient if website loading speed is slow
  2. Mobile users don’t follow or return back to websites which are not mobile friendly
  3. Mobile is the best source of accessing internet for people in age group of 16 — 45 years
  4. Mobile purchase is high when it comes to eCommerce
  5. Responsive websites are preferred which gives browser friendly experience
  6. Smartphones is the most used medium to browse internet and websites
  7. Mobile ads are more involving
  8. Mobile organic search gives more business

Need to know what can you do to get more business from this new market?

  1. Get a responsive website design
  2. Go for Mobile SEO
  3. Optimize and promote website
  4. Social media marketing is highly essential
  5. Mobile ads implementation is necessity

You can contact the responsive design experts at ‘Technosiss’ to develop a mobile friendly website. This responsive web design Delhi company is globally admired for its flawless design and multi-browser support.

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