Andela BootCamp: Day 1


Breath. Come on. You can do this.

So I’ve had a medium account for a long time. I use it to follow people who I think have interesting opinions. Never at any one time did I even consider writing a post. Not because I don’t have things to say, but because I know my strengths. And writing… writing isn’t one of them.

As part of the Andela Boot Camp, we are supposed to write a post everyday about our experiences. Well… Mine has been pretty good so far. Albeit it’s only the first day so conservative me won’t jump to conclusions just yet. The other boot-campers are nice, facilitators are helpful, my mind is engaged and there’s free food. And good free food at that.

Apart from maybe that one lab that refuses to pass the tests. I look at it, tweak it, upload, hold my breath in anticipation and… it fails. Then I stare intensely at my screen, stroke my chin somberly and repeat. For the next few hours. Even going to sleep is a problem when you have an unsolved problem. I can see why programmers are night owls.

Anyway, day one done.


Edit: Figured out the lab. Yay!