Andela BootCamp: Day 3


Phew! That was close.

By my clock, I’ve just barely made the deadline. 10 more minutes and I would been toast. Not my finest hour, I will admit.

I’m the sort of person who likes to complete things way in advance. Remember that guy on campus who used to tell you they had finished the assignment 2 weeks earlier… as you struggled to finish it just in the nick of time? I was that guy

So I was hoping today would be the same. That I would finish the labs in advance. That I would have some hot tea, with soothing jazz playing in background. That my mind would have time to wander as I collect my thoughts about this whole boot camp thing and what it meant for me. And that I would sit down and write a long, well thought out post about Andela, technology and how programming is probably the ultimate level playing field in terms of a global career. That I would drone on about some philosophical subject, talk about the intersection of technology and how might all find ourselves out of jobs soon, and about make a snarky comment about some exploding phones.

But today… today was not that day.

Today I was the guy frantically trying to beat the deadline.


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