Andela BootCamp: Day 8

Sigh… I really should stop writing these blog posts at the end of the day. When my mind is tired, and typing seems like some form of excruciating exercise. But how are you supposed to talk about your day at beginning of the day when you haven’t experienced it?

Anyway, today was… mostly uneventful. I finally managed to connect all my functions together to work as one. And I also didn’t have too much difficulty with setting it up to play nice with the command line (Windows CMD in my case). After that it was a case of continuing on my functions. Tweaking one. Creating a bug in another. Tweaking that. Creating two more elsewhere. Etc. etc. Kind of like a game of ‘whack a mole’

So… Yeah. I’m struggling to find what to say that would be interesting. Time sure flies when you’re busy.

But I’m almost done. So, YAY!

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