Nexxus Rewards also includes support services for its end-users to trade their unwanted or surplus products and services with each other in cash or cryptocurrency with Nexxus Barter.

Other services like Craigslist and ITEX bartering provide the ability for consumers to trade with each other. Nexxus expands these existing services with a free bartering service that supports cryptocurrency and provides a co-branded bartering service for local community affinity groups.

Anyone can join free of charge and list free barter ads to sell the stuff they no longer use or need. Nexxus Barter is considered the Craigslist/eBay of cryptocurrency. In addition…

Nexxus Rewards is the core technology and has an educational service, Nexxus University, to support the eventual widespread use of Nexxus Rewards. The public must first learn about cryptocurrency with the Nexxus University, which has been providing many educational courses on cryptocurrency since early 2016.

Many opportunities for learning are available on services like Coursera and YouTube. Nexxus University has organized a plethora of information about cryptocurrency in an easy to learn way for the average non-technical person. …

The Nexxus digital token is the internal currency used for value exchange within the Nexxus ecosystem of cryptocurrency products and services, similar to the Ether token on the Ethereum platform. Nexxus digital tokens are used as the cash-back reward points given to shoppers by merchants for every transaction in any currency including local fiat currencies, credit/debit cards, cash, bitcoin and other top cryptocurrencies. Every purchase in any currency causes Nexxus digital tokens to be purchased from the open market to fulfill the granted reward points. Nexxus digital tokens have automatic buyer demand from the Nexxus ecosystem.

Nexxus will conduct a…

The Nexxus Automated Teller Machines (ATM) will support the 2-way exchange of bitcoin and other top cryptocurrencies to and from the local fiat currency and are equipped to support KYC and AML requirements. Nexxus ATMs will be located in every Nexxus Crypto-Café and will be available for licensing and placement in high traffic public locations.

Nexxus Cryptocurrency ATM

The Nexxus strategy to take cryptocurrency from the digital world to home town communities all over the world includes local physical Nexxus Crypto-Cafés as the community centers for everything cryptocurrency. Nexxus Crypto-Cafés are community centers for the public to learn about and use cryptocurrency. Every Nexxus Crypto-Café will have a cryptocurrency automated teller machine (ATM) for exchanging cryptocurrency to and from the local fiat currency.

The Nexxus Crypto-Café is the local Nexxus sales headquarters supporting merchants and community organizations, as well as training and supporting the independent Nexxus direct sales force.

Nexxus Crypto-Cafés will include lounge areas, classrooms, small offices…

Global Rewards: The Nexxus shared rewards program allows shoppers to register free of charge, collect free cash back reward points and redeem them at any Nexxus merchant.

Dynamic Points: Shoppers can collect dynamic cash back reward points that can increase in value as usage of Nexxus Rewards grows worldwide.

Referral Rewards: Shoppers can earn free referral shopping rewards for every transaction done by any shopper they personally refer.

Risk Free: Nexxus merchants have a completely risk-free solution to get and keep new customers. There are no signup fees, no contracts, no special software and no special terminals to lease or purchase. Merchants pay nothing until after they make the sale — no more Pay-n-Pray advertising.

Customer Acquisition: Merchants can acquire new customers by accessing Nexxus registered shoppers with a text messaging (SMS) marketing system to send daily promotions at no additional cost. Merchants can reach shoppers that may not even know they exist and reach them where they are — on their mobile devices. …

Viral Marketing

The most effective form of advertising is word-of-mouth. Nexxus Rewards includes a viral marketing revenue-sharing program designed to provide financial incentives to its merchants and shoppers for referring new shoppers to Nexxus. Shoppers can earn free shopping reward points for every transaction at any Nexxus merchant by anyone they personally refer. Shoppers can share Nexxus with their friends and family and earn free shopping rewards.

Merchants can create an additional revenue stream on every transaction at any Nexxus merchant by shoppers they refer and by anyone those shoppers refer… to infinity. Both shoppers and merchants earn 10% of…

The Nexxus Digital Token was developed in the early stages of product development of the Nexxus ecosystem in 2016 by Nexxus Partners. It was designed from the beginning to be the internal currency for value exchange within the various Nexxus solutions. Some Nexxus tokens were distributed for product development funding in part to private angel investors and other contributors with the early vision to see the potential of the Nexxus mission and business strategy. The Nexxus digital token currently has a privately established value of $0.10 USD.

Internal Currency: The Nexxus internal reward points used for the cash back rewards…

My name is Bob Wood and I am the founder of Nexxus and I have been deeply involved with cryptocurrency for three years at a business and technical level. Prior to 2014, I knew very little about cryptocurrency. I have been the founder and CEO of a technology company, Pinnacle Institute, for the direct sales industry since 2004.

In early 2014, I was hired by a company named Global Coin Reserve (GCR) to build the technology systems for order and payment processing, and to manage a worldwide sales force marketing cryptocurrency mining services. This experience gave me an opportunity to…

Nexxus Partners

Nexxus Partners is a services company for the bitcoin industry, taking cryptocurrency from the digital world to hometown communities worldwide.

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