Trump is scary and he has so many wrong doings in his closet.
Ann Drozewski

Obama has brought this country down to It’s lowest point with the help of crooked Hillary “the Butcher of Benghazi” Clinton. You claim trump has so many wrong doings, what are they? most of the accusations are unsubstantiated unlike Hillary Clinton whos criminal activities are all out In the open, Hillary was fired from the Watergate committee by her supervisor Jerry Zeifman, he said Hillary was fired because she was a liar, she was an unethical and dishonest attorney, Hillary conspired to violate the Constitution as she Is still doing to this day, Hillary violated the rules of the House, the rules of the committee, and the rules of confidentiality. Hillary Clinton mishandled classified Information while Secretary of State. Hillary allowed four American to die because of her Incompetence while Secretary of State. Bill and Hillary Clinton have broken the electioneering law at polling places In IN, IL, MA, NC, MI. Hillary and her husband Bill Clinton looted the White House, Hillary Clintons Deputy Chief of Staff Is a member of the Muslim Brotherhood. What about Chinagate, Hillary selling of high tech secrets to China. How about Travelgate, Whitewater, or Hillary’s lie about landing under sniper fire In Bosnia, then there Is pardongate, and Hillary laughing about defending a child rapist. You claim Trump Is scary, your delusional, Hillary Is the scary one, there Is no end to her corruption and lying, she will say and do anything just to gain power. What about Hillary protecting her husband Bill from the women he raped and slept with while President of the United States. What about Hillary destroying the women that Bill had affairs with, Hillary doesn’t care about women, Hillary doesn’t care about Homosexuals, or black people she Is just using these groups to get what she wants, and Ignorant people like you will follow crooked Hillary straight to hell, Ann Drozewski you are the perfect example of what’s wrong with this country, people like you are deaf, dumb, and blind to the truth, you people are asinine fools.

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