For those of you interested in UX and user flow design resources

Besides Flow Design Processes — Focusing on the Users’ Needs, and while you’re at it, following some certified User Experience Online Courses that are industry recognized by LinkedIn, (and paradoxically, the most affordable), I recommend you eyeing the following resources:

UX Facebook Groups:

Groups on Google Plus:

Groups on LinkedIn:

  • LinkedIn Groups | LinkedIn
  • Creative Design Specialists — Graphic, Web, UI/UX, Interactive
  • DesignersTalk: Graphic, web design and creative professionals group
  • Designers & Developers — Web, Graphic, User Experience Interaction Design Professionals !
  • Graphic & Iconography Design

UX Books:

  • I would compile myself a nice list of UX books, but somebody has already done it:, so check out Grace Jia’s wonderful post.


UX Blogs:


User Experience Stack Exchange

MetaFilter | Community Weblog

UX Mastery Community

UX Community on Slack | Join the UX Slack Community

Some of the resources that I’ve shared, like The Best User Experience Design Links of 2014, represent an exhaustive string of resources on their own, so enjoy the neverending UX journey!

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