Why Capitalism is Just Shitbag Science
Holly Wood, PhD 🌹

Capitalists have created much for you to be envious of. Why even mention capitalism? You don’t need what capitalist manufacture, so just ignore them. There is still rich fertile land to be had in many places around the globe. The unfettered utopia that the first settlers happened upon was the result of 90% of native Americans having been lost to war and disease, two or three hundred years before. Still those native communists couldn’t keep from fighting over the abundance that came from nature. Whole cultures of war were developed around clans, then tribes in order to survive assaults by the other survivors, and so that each person in the tribe was assured the fruits of tens of acres. Living off the land with only what nature provides would mean death. It took great skill and knowledge to make it from one day to the next. A lot less skill and knowledge than people in developed capitalist countries survive in comfort on today. It is easy to not have electricity, refrigeration, the internet, etc. Having them, or having the opportunity to have them isn’t something to complain about. You just happen to live in an uncomfortable era, when capitalism has provided so much for too many.

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