Yes, they are our representatives, but we as taxpayers pay their wages and benefits including…
Kathy Franke

DC representatives are responsible to ensure that the federal government treats everyone equally, and that everyone’s Constitutional rights are observed. They should have nothing to say about health insurance except for the insurance of people who earn it through the federal government. Your state signed up for that. Your state didn’t sign up to leach off of the other states for things that are your state’s concern. If you don’t like your neighbors, move, or campaign to change their minds. 
I am of the opinion that we should have a single payer national program of health insurance. People shouldn’t just claim it’s their right to burden fellow citizens. There are many arguments for it. It would need to be instituted intelligently though. We can’t afford keep paying hospitals and caregivers to operate on 5:1 margins. I would love for you to pay for my health care so that my employer can give me cash instead of paying for it.