The Media Blackout On The DNC Lawsuit Proves That It Is Nuclear
Caitlin Johnstone

I believe, Caitlin, you have some excellent points and insights in this article well worth reading … and I will be sharing this article for that reason. Thank you for writing it … [ The one exception, as I see it, is your statement: “ If the corporate media were to advance this story with even a fraction of the intensity that they’re advancing their xenophobic anti-Russia nonsense, they’d start waking up the sleeping masses to the fact that there is nothing resembling democracy happening in America at all.” I don’t believe the Trump / Russian connection or Russian interference in our election are “nonsense” issues … AND I believe there is a growing manifestation of “democracy” happening in America — with the Our Revolution​ movement — and with all the people who have actively participated in rallies, marches, and protests since Trump’s inauguration … ] :)

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