We aren’t doomed by climate change. Right now we are choosing to be doomed.
Joe Romm

Joe — in all due respect, I’m sure you mean well, as I suspect most if not all of the authors, articles, and studies you quote … but in both this article, and so many others, I keep running into the same major oversight … At our current approximately 1.3 degrees over pre-industrial base-line increase so far … we are ALREADY SEEING MAJOR TIPPING POINTS BEING PASSED … We are ALREADY SEEING THE BEGINNING STAGES OF ABRUPT CLIMATE CHANGE … wherein key factors are showing strong indications of departing from just a “linear increase” — and advancing to an EXPONENTIAL one … 
 For these reasons … because of what we have ALREADY SET IN MOTION … the natural world has now begun to make a major and a GROWING contribution to GHG emissions into the atmosphere separate from what humans are doing ( especially from the Arctic carbon and methane release, and the increasingly frequent and more severe wild fires around the world) at the same time that major carbon sinks have been severely impacted … such that EVEN AS HUMAN EMISSIONS HAVE RECENTLY LEVELED OFF … the rate of such emissions overall going into the atmosphere has NOT LEVELED OFF … BECAUSE OF THE MONSTER WE HAVE UNLEASHED !

So therefore, this talk about getting to 2, 3, or 4 degrees increase as if it would get there and just “LEVEL OFF” … is crazy ! THE GENIE IS ALREADY OUT OF THE BOTTLE !

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