I’m sure on Memorial Day that there will be a multitude of social media posts on what Memorial Day means to each person. In truth, I’ve never done anything like this before. I’ve never blogged about anything, period! Maybe it’s as I get older I’m a bit more sentimental. Or, maybe, it’s things are still as clear today as they were many odd years ago and I’ve been hesitant to put words to paper, or rather screen.

What comes to mind this year is the 6 aircrew members who lost their lives October 11, 1988 in the crash of a KC-135 at Wurtsmith AFB, Mi. Yes, I knew them or I most likely wouldn’t be writing this today. What stands out in my mind the most is that no, they were not flying a combat mission. No, they were not shot down in enemy territory. Rather, they were on a routine training mission that was just like the millions of other training sorties that fly every day. Ones that very few of us ever give a thought to. We see, or used to see, nearly every night on the news about those conflicts our military are involved in and reports of casualties if any. What we don’t see are the countless, and I do mean countless, hours, days, weeks, and years that are spent training for those conflicts. Plus, we seldom hear of those that are injured or even killed training for conflict. So this year I’m trying to remember them and thank them for working hard to be as good at their job as they can be. Matters not whether it’s Army, Air Force, Navy, Marines, Coast Guard, Active duty, Reserve, or National Guard. Thank You, from one veteran to all our military, Thank you!