The future of the open internet — and our way of life — is in your hands
Quincy Larson

Hi Inspired by your article I also wrote a blog post. What US is facing today is something which even India will face soon and the world has to face. And thinking that Net Neutrality has impact on small businesses, it also has impact on big businesses as well. as costs rise, they are also looking to explore the open forms of communication and open methods of doing business like internet and again if net neutrality fails it will make conducting seamless distributed business over the internet a non starter. Even the lack of Net Neutrality will stifle innovation. All that we speak of IOT, AI and Bitcoin and Blockchain all of this came from open internet and net neutral environment. If all these stops what will be left like you said are walled gardens. It will destroy many dreams and many businesses. Now if I know the biggest contributors in job creation are not the the big corporations but these small businesses that depend on open internet and access to free information. At the end this will definitely kill the hopes of many voters who voted Trump to power on the hope of better opportunities and job creation as just because of internet itself many direct and indirect jobs will be lost which did not exist in the past decades.

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