Me time — Our virtual world and when it cracks

In last few days I have realized that I have been brooding about issues that never really were an issue and that in life much bigger challenges exist for which I never gave any priority. That is an issue of misplaced priority.

First it so happened that I started a blog series and for that I had collaborated with few people but later one of them pulled out because his vision did not match with us. This really shook me, or shall I say the issues he raised may be very valid relevant or right for him but for me they seemed as a complete betrayal as when we started we had agreed on this idea. Now if I look now it was just an idea and that too a blog series but the way I reacted was knee jerk. Immediately I stopped talking to all the people in that group and I started whining about it. I was completely stressed and worse I also stopped writing.

One good thing happened though and that was that I changed the group with whom I hang out and realized there were a set of people around me who were so good and very much down to earth. With them I got a very good start and am committed to continue hanging out with them. But otherwise I have also realized my mistake and have started reaching out to my other group of friends whom I ignores earlier.

Now coming to the 2nd incident. Here again I had created a virtual world around me where I gloated in all the good wishes and positive feedback I got. It all started a month back when I started a series of writing 100 scripts in 30 days and started publishing them on Medium. It really helped me to write more and explore more on Python language but also as a blogger I also started promoting the work that I was doing and gradually I started sharing my blogs on various social platforms and got a very good feedback. In fact after starting that blog series I had almost 7000 views on my blogs.

But after a point the quality if my blogs suffered. I was exhausted while creating the script itself or sometimes I just posted the parts of Python that I have learnt which was fine if I do not promote them. But when I promoted such posts on reddit and fb I got negative reviews. Even I was suspended from reddit for 3 days and also in fb people gave me honest feedback on what I wrote did not make much sense. The most hard hitting in all these was the reddit part. Yes I had put a lame post and I got two bad feedbacks but before even I can response my account was blocked because I was doing spamming or self promotion .

I was very depressed and shared about this with my friends. First few did not understand about reddit but still they advised me not to take it to heart as it was just a social network and there are more important things in life. I have a job to focus on, a family to care for and so many responsibility that I should prioritize. At that moment I really felt the mistake I was doing and how in these last few months I had created a virtual world around me and there was more to life than just writing a blog and few negative comments.

Since then I have decided to do course correction and focus on doing things rather than promoting. Yes promotion matter but for me at this stage of my life its the execution that I would like to focus on. Also it is important to prioritize my family and friends and be in touch with reality of life which I did not. And in this context it is very important that we take feedback and learn from our mistakes.


Now if we see news we can always find so many articles on how young people commit suicide just because of a fb post or some what’s app message. Many young people end their lives because they failed an exam or because of the stress. And even worse we get depressed because some one made fun of us or said something negative about us or something negative happened. Noe in many such cases we can not control what happens with us but having a steady mind and a practical perspective can help us a lot in not becoming a victim of such situations. And it is this strength that can help us overcome any odd that we may have life.

With this hope and perspective I am sure I can focus on my real life and real priorities and will be able to successfully execute them.