Proud to Be…..

Now I know many will expect me to write a very “official” version of my current company or a version where I am very candid and telling the insider details about my current employer. Let me be honest I will write my true account and may be a biased view about my current employer.

My current Employer is Huge

They are one of the most well known and one of the largest MNC in the world. Also they are one of the most well respected the world over. Yes they are large not just my the number people they employ but also the diverse domains they serve. And though being a Computing company in flesh and blood they are also one of the most core business centric companies that I have seen till date. They just don’t do hardware or software or just Mainframes but serve the entire value chain in the Information Technology ecosystem. Their products powers some of the most heavy duty projects and infrastructures and businesses of the world. And hence to feel proud about these facts is itself natural.

My current Employer has a Long History

My Employer has been around even before computers were created and can easilly be said as one of the first innovators in Business Computing. They also have seen many transformations, starting from punch cards to early vacume tube computers that covered entire buildings, to mainframes, to PCs, super computers and now cloud. They are one of the most early adopters of any technology for a company of their size of history and have time and again turned the company around from the jaws of failure. Down the decades they have metamorphosed from being a Hardware company to product oriented and then service oriented, then clound and now a cognitive company. So yes they are one of the most dynamic companies that I know of.

My Employer has diverse compititors and yet its unique

Now my current employer can be in any field you name it in consulting & services it competes with likes of Accenture, TCS, CTS, Infosys, HCL and in Cloud it competes with likes of Google, Microsoft and Amazon. In hardware it competes with the likes of HP and Hitachi and in software products it competes with the likes BMC, Microsoft and others. So yes they are into diverse fields and many competitors sometimes different units of the my company may compete against each other. Its good but again very difficult to manage.

They are Early adopters

Yes they are early adopters be it cognitive, super computing, cloud or Agile they are not only early adopters but also pioneers in these fields. Sponsors of many open source projects, buyer of many promising startups and they take risks that no other will and sometimes they are the only one who can. Yes you need to market your products and vision but its not empty. Its backed by one of the most distinguished R&D Labs/Communities in the world. They have their representatives in many of the renowned open source projects and even in Technology Governing bodies. And very supportive to startup and developer community. This is something which inspires me every day.

You are heard

Yes this is one of the most social of the companies that I have ever worked. You have communities where anyone can share their views, experiences and ask questions and also share your professional success. Now coming to my boss, yes what I am working on may not be the place where I want to be but I have always got what I have asked and even more. It reminds of my old company where if you did a good work you were positively highlighted and if you had difficulties serious effort was made to address it. Yes everyting may not be perfect given the size of the organization and yes there is a degree of bureaucracy about it but there is also a a social flatness which you can never get elsewhere. Be it major technological connect or news about latest acquistion or issues there is a view that not only comes top down but also is debated down up. Which itself talks volumes about my Employer.

You are not Biased Upon

The work culture and diversity does not mean that there is bias. With a Woman as the CEO one of the best companies for women to work and progress in their career. It has its employees worldwide and possess a balanced world view and despite being an American MNC its gives potential oppertunity to everyone to grow. Yes like any company everyting many not be so easy and there are many improvements that can happen but given the size their effort is commendable.

What I learnt

I joined my current company just over 2 years ago and I can say I have many relatives and friends who work in my current company and all have one thing to say its your luck where you join but its your hard work that opens the opportunities and I know many old timers who have been with IBM since many years and have contributed to it growth and share the same ethos. Now little bit my story — I joined as a Application developer for a Enterprise Bigdata platform and by the time I joined the opportunity went out of my hand. Now I had 2 choices either I search for other opportunities in my company or accept what they offered. And that is where I respect my current Boss, he offered his support in both of my decisions and also understood my situation as I have just changed cities. The thing happened that there was a role of Metadata Analyst opened and I was offered that oppertunity. Given the graciousness of my Boss and his commitment that when the time came I will be given an opportunity either in Big Data or on the Enterprise Search platform, I accepted the opening.

And I never regretted it, I learnt Data Warehousing, I learnt Metadata Analysis, I learnt Retirement Industry and was RPF cirtified. And when chance to work on Cognitive/Big Data opportunities came I also worked on that like Watson and Cloudera. Today I know python as a new language, I know Golang, I know Infospehere, I know Big Data (Hive, Impala, Spark, Hadoop and more), I know Cloud (Bluemix, AWS and more) and today I know about Blockchain (Hyperledger, Etherium) and also I learnt developing Chatterbots. All of these was because of the oppertunities I got thanks to my team and my mentors. I made some really great friends and also met some wonderful people who have moved to successful career paths.

And whats more after 8 Years of doing my job I learnt to do more than what my job demands and explore. In today’s world upscaling skills and being updated on latest technological trends matters. Yes I have my own issues in my current role and hope for the best but at the end what I can take away is that when I joined I was told never to hold back your wild ducks always let it nurture and explore. That is what I have been doing for last two years and have now moved to a stage where I am more enabled as a professional and as a person. I rediscovered my personal side, I do blogging, I share my knowledge with others via meetups, videos and events. I support my team and anyone who approaches me. I feel empowered again.


I know what is coming now may be little late. Better late than never for I wrote something earlier which vented my own frustration with myself and not only did reflect my negativity but also a negativity to my company that I belong. And then I read a post where it said when you are negative think all the positives before that and I can say when I started thinking I felt guilty as to how worng I was and yes today I am sad and also sorry about what I wrote earlier. That aside today I am not sure what future lays before me, tomorrow may be a new beginning or end of a great chapter of my life.

But at least I feel proud when I can, to call myself an IBMer.