Story of spicy crab and tandoori chicken

Today I do not have anything great to speak about nor any Tech stuff to share, this weekend I spent mostly lasting around and spending time with my family. But felt still sharing some story and hence sharing my story about spicy crab and tandoori chicken.

Now you may say what's so special about these two I would rather say there is so much significance of these two that I was dying to share you my experience. The first item I bought from a take away Resturant from where get spicy Andhra style food regularly. And my favorite dish from their restaurant is Spicy crab but the story is not about the crab but about the interesting incident which I witnessed there. There was a customer talking to the owner and asking for rice. The owner duly replied that they do not provide rice separately as its for their combo menus. But the customer persisted and from what it seemed the customer was little drunk. But still the owner maintained his best behaviour and engaged with the customer. Finally failing in his attempts the customer asked for two chicken dishes to be heated. And in that also he persisted that not to keep it spicy and when the owner said its Andhra style and the dishes will be naturally spicy the customer admonished saying the owner was not giving him right options. 
Having completed by purchase I started going out of the shop and had this quick thought that the customer was at a take away who doesn't realize that the food was pre-cooked and also that the Resturant specialized in Andhra style spicy cuisine but, which brings to the fact of unruly or customers who do not know what you offer. Or such customers who expect customization in everything. But as a business owner you have to stand by your values and if your values doesn't differentiate between your customers then so be it, stand by your values and principles.

Now coming to the story of the tandoori chicken. I wanted to eat Tandoori Chicken and had found a good place in JP Nagar 5th Phase where they prepared excellent Tandoori Chicken. But when I went to the shop it was closed. Now while returning from that place I found a new place with Tandoori Chicken in the glass counter of their Resturant. Now the shop was interesting, it had the big board with Resturant name as Rangraze and with a man having a very big turban. For those unfamiliar with turbans, its kind of a headgear for men which have great patterns and bright colours. The man in the board had a very nice moustache as well, having caught my attention now I went inside and was greeted by a bald man and a another young man who was busy on phone. I asked if they have tandoori chicken, and once they confirmed yes I ordered it. Now the bald man started preparing the tandoori chicken in the tandoori. Meanwhile the young man on the phone was struggling to get an address. He handed over the phone to the bald man. Then another person from the kitchen came all tried to get the address. Seeing their animated conversion it transpired that there was a lady on the phone who ordered a keema paratha online and the order was accepted by the owner of the Resturant but on checking the address it was out of their coverage area and the guys also complaint that they had to deliver the orders on foot which was not feasible and hence had to let go of the order. But the challenge was that how to explain this to owner. While they were talking further with the customer at that time owner also came and there was more animated discussion and this time it was about the owner asking them why they rejected the order and they saying the delivery boy was away and they did had no way to deliver the order. And even the young man at the counter who was taking my order was fumbling with what to write and what's the price. My only advice to them was to improve their customer experience to which the bald man had to say that they were uneducated and hence did not know English which the lady was talking on phone. I explained him that not being educated is no excuse for lack luster customer service. I know many businesses and shopkeepers giving super customer service and still they were uneducated. But my observation was also towards the owner who didn't take seriously who takes care of the cash and taking orders. They are the face of the business, just to save money ignoring the most important part of the business can be devastating. I have seen many businesses which were great bit quickly shutting shops because either they were not able to provide even the basic customer service or having set great customer experience and expectations failed subsequently as they were unable to retain the staff.

These two instances helped me realize the difference between which businesses succeed or which businesses fail. The owners who take control of their customer experience and business values and quality go a long way in building better businesses than those who leave in the hands of others who are inexperienced and not stakeholders of their values. By the way both the dishes tasted very tasty and am planning to try them both. Only the difference is that the spicy crab will be my favorite dish for a long time and the Andhra take away Resturant will be a constant fixture, but I am not sure about the tandoori chicken shop and I may have to find a new place.