Why we should learn how to sell

This knowledge came very late to me but this became today’s most important learning when I was sitting with my friend in a pub and discussing about our careers and why he was able to crack so many interviews and why I was failing. Now this was clear who can sell his idea properly he becomes the king.

There are many innovations in the world that are created and die by the minute but only those work that get sold. And we may like it or not marketing or selling is such a skill which all do not possess and who do and are good at it get the top dollar.

I have always thought what’s the value of selling your idea, profile or your personality. But in all these years I have realized apart from the technical knowledge I need to showcase what idea or skills I have and sell them this thought that I am of value to them. And when ever I have been able to do it I have cracked that interview. The truth is I can handle any kind of complex functional or technical job or learn any kind of technology but I always choose those skills which I think will give me the best dollar for the effort I put.

Now I will take this a step further and put this idea forward that many of us in the IT industry only look for a job or even spend thousands of dollars to get educated just to get a job. But many of us forget that in any transaction there is a seller and there is a buyer or customer and that is the most important skill that we need to develop.

From our childhood we are taught how to study hard, or how to be good at sports or even do extra curricular activities in our schools or just play. But the kids who are street smart learn how sell. Selling teaches us many ideas like how to talk to our customers, how to read them, how to sell our idea and how to build relations and networks. These are very important virtues which many of us do not posses but still certain communities have from birth and certain people have it in their Dna.

Million dollar question is can we as normal people develop such skill and yes we can and there are two simple matra be persistent and be obedient in hustling. Only these two qualities will help us improve our marketing capabilities and also being obedient to our customers we can add value to the relationship.

From experience I can tell you, businesses built on relationship may take time but will always help in reaping long term benefits. If you see in India many billionaires were not born rich when they started but with their hard work and perseverance at selling their product and ideas they have reached to the level they are. Hence yes doing job may be a important necessity in your life but also learn how to sell as it is the absolutely needed to grow yourself as a person.