I don’t wonder why they lost. I know. Bernie fucking Sanders.
Sasha Stone

Well the oppo research on Bernie seems tame and unimportant with what we now know about the clear and present danger in the WH. Do you really think if they used that Oppo in 2020 running against this cluster f*ck people would say “oh, I’m really afraid to elect an admitted socialist.” He looks infinitely better now compared to the alternative.

The problem though is that Bernie was never an effective lawmaker and he boxes himself in with a narrow set of issues. Maybe health care, climate change, and income equality are the most critical issues of our time, but he could never translate that into a meaningful policy plank and yes, he does have baggage. The GOP would elect Satan — Dems have to be pure to beat GOP hypocrisy. Let’s face it, they’re just better at being nasty.

What concerns me about analyses like yours however is you fail to acknowledge how bad a candidate Clinton was. She and the party should have read the writing on the wall when she lost to Obama. Instead the DNC and the Clinton machine insisted on propping a bad candidate up, rather than finding an effective alternative to Bernie. I’m not saying she was unqualified and couldn’t be an effective POTUS — the reality was the GOP had spent over 20 years demonizing her and these memes seeped out beyond the wingnuts to reach“independents” and conservadems, not just progressives. Misogyny is real and the next female candidate better be perfect. Hillary was far from that and as a consequence we are all suffering now. Maybe you should be blaming the 53% of white woman that voted for the orange idiot rather than blaming bernie bots for the loss (but I share you anger at their purist nonsense.)

Sadly, the prospects do not look much better for 2020. I feel the same way about Bernie running again as I did about Clinton — time to give up and support a fresh face who can energize people (especially since he’ll be 79 in 2020.) It worked with Obama.

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