I’m Bored

How easily does Quora bore you?

Not too easily and really, really easily.

I’m generally not too easily bored by the content. Sometimes my feed seems to get stuck in the doldrums, but I can usually fix it by fiddling with the topics and people I follow. If that fails — and usually it’s only for a short time — I can amuse myself by reading topic pages or user profiles or blogs. And if that fails, I have a book.

However, I realized recently that I’m really, really bored by Quora’s constant fiddling with the user interface. For a long time I was either annoyed or downright angry at features that came and went or nobody wanted or were frivolous when really important things were being ignored. I was also extremely pissed off by Quora’s lack of communication which, among other things, placed almost the entire burden of user support on users themselves, thus wasting thousands of hours of users’ time when a simple communication from Quora would have saved us the effort.

But, after the appalling decision to remove question details and the even more appalling lack of communication from Quora about it, something changed for me. Now I’m just very bored with it all.

Many people I know are leaving Quora because they feel angry, unhappy, unappreciated or hopeless, but for me the kiss of death is boredom.

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