Don’t Push Back on Your Dreams

When we’re young, we’re full of big dreams and limitless possibilities. We want to go to the moon. We want to be the next President. We want to become insanely successful, live in a huge mansion, or become famous.

But then experience starts pulling us down into reality. We’re told to lower our expectations. We go to school, we get a job, and we compromise. We’re made to believe we’ll never make it. And for so many of us, we never find the courage to stand back up again.

We’re cornered into average thinking.

Why do we let our fear take the driver’s seat? Why do we settle for “paycheck-to-paycheck”? Why are you, right now, shoving your colorful dreams aside in place of a life that’s more “realistic”?

Stop convincing yourself that you’ve missed your shot. You’ve never even stepped foot on the court.

The real kicker here is that once we shut down our dreams and start thinking this way, we’re going to be right. Because if you think you can’t, then you never will. Act negative and you’ll never have the strength to win.

Living in denial of your dreams is no way to experience life. My success was self-made, and the only “secret ingredient” that separates me from anybody else is willpower.

If I want something bad enough, no one (not even me) is going to slow me down. And wanting something, hoping for something, that’s just the beginning for me — it’s the DOING that counts. It’s the doing that sustains me. The only way you’re going to have that same drive to do is if you start believing again.

If you don’t absolutely love where you are right now, then you have to commit to change and know it’s possible. You have to look in the mirror and tell yourself: “this is not going to be it for me — I will do more, and I will become more.” Sure, it’s going to be an uphill battle, but isn’t life a battle already? Yes, your head is going to come up with a million different excuses for why you shouldn’t, but what good have excuses ever done for you before?

We’re all going to face challenges, but the thing you have to remember is that hardship only lasts if you let it. My advice? Do not waste your time in fear. You’ll never get those years back.

You have to see yourself as capable before you can become capable, and you have to want it bad enough to put in the hours — to do whatever it takes to get there. Instead of blaming your conditions, use your conditions to make moves, step into this moment, and push yourself forward because this is how you build waves.

And that’s it; that’s the only thing that separates the greats: it’s having the determination, the ambition, and the drive to keep believing and to keep fighting through doubt, to be relentless, and to push ahead so hard that negativity becomes obsolete. If you put off the things that matter to you most, if you wait now, then you’re always going to be waiting. If you settle now, then you’re always going to be settling.

I don’t care how old you are, your future has not been written yet and you shouldn’t settle for anything less than extraordinary. Go out there and take personal responsibility for everything in your life and refuse to live lying down because listen up: it’s possible you can win.