Have You Given up on Your Dreams?

Bob Reina
Bob Reina
Jan 12, 2018 · 3 min read

Doubt has a way of creeping into our dreams. We paint picturesque scenes in our minds — scenes in which we are living our perfect lives, but the borders are blurred. Although we can visualize our goals, we can’t always believe in our ability to achieve them; and so, we give up.

Now, picture what would happen if you learned to silence these hesitations–if you learned to ignore the negativity and charge ahead. Here’s a hint: you’d open the door to new milestones, and you’d start to live a life that looks forward instead of back.

Remember Your Drive

Life is full of interruptions. Time races by and we focus on the todays, making excuses and forgetting the goals we saved for our invisible tomorrows. Put an end to this cycle by writing down what it is that you truly want out of life. Don’t be afraid to dream big–it may take you longer to reach your destination, but time is already moving; why not move along with it?

By remembering what it is that you are working towards, you’ll find the strength to push that boulder up the hill. With enough determination, you dreams will soon feel not only possible, but also inevitable.

Improving Your Quality of Life

When you acknowledge your ambitions and resolve to never give up, the world appears brighter. With a reason to get out of bed each morning, dreamers are more energized, more able to work quickly, and more likely to live inspired lives. In fighting for something bigger than the “right now,” daily roadblocks shrink down to a manageable size. You’ll have the perspective and the inspiration to conquer challenges, and fear will take a backseat role in your life.

If Not You, Then Who?

Your dreams are yours and yours alone; no one will chase them for you. By placing your aspirations on hold, or by convincing yourself that you are not capable, you’re giving up a piece of who you are.

Don’t let your hopes fade away; refuse to succumb to regret. It’s never too late to start, but you must start–success might be closer than you think.

Think of What They’ll Say

Is someone telling you it’s impossible? This is your life and your goal; the only person who can take it away from you is you. There will always be people who try to discourage you from following this journey; instead of believing in them, believe in yourself. Take their negativity, use it as fuel, and resolve to prove the naysayers wrong.

Finding The Pieces

Sometimes our dreams are quietly hidden, while other times they grow so loud that we can no longer afford to silence them. No matter where your hopes are buried, make today the day you take them out of fantasy. Disassemble the puzzle, look at the individual pieces, and see the path. If reaching your goals feels impossible, this is only because you’re looking at the destination without following a map.

You know what you want. Look at what you are doing right now and ask yourself: are you working towards the goal?